Divorce Modification

Life changes. So do your incomes and needs. Maybe you moved, or your custody arrangement isn’t working as your kids age. That divorce settlement you reached years ago just might not be suitable to your current situation. When we say we’re here every step of the way, we mean it, and helping craft modifications for your present needs is something we take very seriously. 

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Adjusting Divorce to Meet your Needs


Child Custody, Child Support, and Visitation

In Georgia, modifying a divorce decree for child custody, child support, and visitation requires specific legal procedures. To request modifications, you typically need to show a significant change in circumstances since the original decree was issued.

For child custody, this could involve changes in a parent’s living situation or ability to care for the child. For child support, it might be a substantial change in income or financial circumstances. Visitation modifications may relate to changes in a parent’s availability or the child’s best interests. Consult with one of our experienced Georgia family law attorney to navigate these processes and ensure the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Revisiting Alimony and Property Division

Similar to modifications related to shared dependents, Georgia courts can modify existing alimony as needs and ability to pay shift over time. We have fought and won modification petitions for our clients and are ready to help you craft an agreement that works for today.

In Georgia, property and asset division is typically regarded as a conclusive decision that cannot be altered. Nonetheless, there exist specific circumstances in which exceptions apply. One such instance is if the initial property division was established under fraudulent or coercive circumstances, in which case, the court might possess the authority to revisit and potentially modify the property division.

“I felt a huge sense of relief after deciding to work with the Barnhart team for my divorce. They are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and professional, but they are also kind and real people. I always felt comfortable to speak freely and ask lots of questions. From that first meeting to the last, they made me feel like I would get through this hard thing! I truly cannot recommend the Barnhart team highly enough.”

– Abbey C.

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