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In Georgia, legitimation is a legal process by which a father can establish legal rights and responsibilities with regard to their child born out of wedlock. This includes rights such as visitation, custody, and the ability to make decisions about the child’s upbringing.

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Establishing Paternity

At Barnhart Family Law, we recognize the sensitive nature of paternity and legitimation proceedings.

Establishing paternity is a crucial step for both fathers and children. Our firm assists fathers in affirming their legal rights and responsibilities, ensuring that they can develop meaningful relationships with their children.

We also represent mothers seeking to establish paternity for the purpose of securing child support or other benefits for their children. Through thorough investigation and skilled legal advocacy, we strive to achieve fair and just outcomes in paternity cases.

Establishing Paternity in georgia

Atlanta Family Law

Legitimation Rights

In Georgia, legitimation is the process by which a father legally acknowledges his child and gains parental rights.

Legitimation grants fathers the ability to participate in important decisions regarding their child’s upbringing and to establish a formal relationship with them.

Our attorneys are well-versed in Georgia’s legitimation laws and work diligently to protect the rights of fathers seeking to legitimize their relationships with their children. Our approach is centered on empathy, professionalism, and personalized attention. 

“I felt a huge sense of relief after deciding to work with the Barnhart team for my divorce. They are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and professional, but they are also kind and real people. I always felt comfortable to speak freely and ask lots of questions. From that first meeting to the last, they made me feel like I would get through this hard thing! I truly cannot recommend the Barnhart team highly enough.”

– Abbey C.

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