How to Prepare Yourself for a Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel like navigating a stormy sea, impacting you financially, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. It’s a major life upheaval that reshapes everything you’ve known. From adjusting to a different income and assets to navigating new support systems, the challenges are manifold. So, how can you brace yourself to emerge from this turbulent time as whole as possible and embark on a new chapter of your life? The key lies in preparation and knowledge.

Understanding Your Finances

Before diving headfirst into divorce proceedings, it’s crucial to grasp the financial landscape of your marriage and to begin collecting and maintaining copies or records of your important information. Start by asking yourself some essential questions:

  • How many bank accounts do you and your spouse have?
  • What about retirement savings or investments?
  • Do you own property, and if so, what’s the equity in it?
  • Do you and/or your spouse own a business?
  • What are your monthly bills and expenses?
  • And don’t forget about debts – understanding your liabilities is just as important.

While confronting your financial reality might seem daunting, it’s a necessary step. As your attorney, we will rely on this information to provide you with the best possible guidance on matters like asset division, alimony, and child support. If you have a financial advisor, now’s the time to enlist their help in assessing your financial situation comprehensively.

Prepare for the Workforce

If you’ve been a stay-at-home parent or homemaker, re-entering the workforce may seem daunting. Start exploring your options and brushing up on your skills. Georgia is not a favorable alimony state, but you may be eligible for rehabilitative alimony, which can help bridge the gap of transition from being a stay-at-home spouse to being successful in the workforce. Having a clear plan or transferable skills will put you on firmer ground as you navigate this transition.

Emotional Support Matters

Divorce isn’t just about numbers; it’s also about emotions. Recognize that it’s okay to seek help. Whether it’s through therapy, family and community support, or religious guidance, having a support system in place can make a world of difference. Divorce often means unraveling years of shared dreams and plans, so be gentle with yourself during this emotional roller-coaster.

Prepare Your Family

Breaking the news to your children is never easy, but honesty and preparation can ease the transition. Discuss the divorce with your spouse and agree on how to approach the topic with your kids. While the conversation may be difficult, being transparent with your kids about the impending changes can help them adjust better. Emphasize that while change can be hard, it can also lead to happier, healthier lives for everyone involved.

It’s also important to prepare children for other changes like moving between two parents homes. If you have one parent who lives in John’s Creek and another in Buckhead, there are logistical considerations at play that will impact everyone in your family.

Conclusion: Knowledge is Power

Armed with knowledge and a solid support system, you can navigate the complexities of divorce more effectively. Take the time to understand your financial situation, prepare yourself for the workforce, if necessary, seek emotional support, and ensure your family is prepared for the changes ahead. Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone. At Barnhart Family Law, we’re here to provide the guidance and support you need to navigate this transition with confidence.